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Apr 23 2014, removed a lot of the green string hair algae that was on the dwarf baby tears. Unfortunately, most of the carpeting dwarf baby tears had to go, as well. Not sure what to replace them with or just leave it as is and let the remaining plants that are left re-carpet the empty spaces.

Apr 15 2014, planted a new plant called “Pogostemon Helferi.” Also known as “Danoi” (Little Star) from Thailand. This was suppose to be a how-to-video, but, not having a tripod made it too difficult to plant and film at the same time.

Apr 14 2014, played technician today. This is the result of deciding not to send my mid-2010 15” Macbook Pro in for repair to replace the logic board for $310. Futility! The good news is that my computer still works, so I didn’t break it any further. The bad news is that I am still having the same issues. I just can’t stress the GPU too much or do any extensive work like making animations in Motion 5 or editing complex video sequences in FCP X that will cause my computer to reboot or create what is known as a Kernel Panic. Or KP for short. Blogging, editing photos, checking email and browsing the internet seems to be fine, though. But, reapplying thermal paste will not fix the constant KPing of these model year notebooks for those of you with this… apple. Get it? Nevermind!

Apr 13 2014, another week, another fish tank video update!

Apr 10 2014, first unboxing video!

Apr 6 2014, decided to try H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to combat against the green string hair algae infestation.

Apr 4 2014, finally decided to speak on my fish tank videos. 

Mar 31 2014, watching “The Heat” now! I wonder how it stands up next to Michael Mann’s just “Heat….”

Mar 31 2014, watching “The Heat” now! I wonder how it stands up next to Michael Mann’s just “Heat….”

Mar 31 2014, yep! I still play videogames even though I’m old! I don’t have the same stamina anymore, but, I can still hang in there with the young ones! Lol!

Mar 31 2014, get your “room tour video” fix here! Just a quick tour of my bedroom where I spend 99.9% of my time these days! I joke to myself that I live in N.J., aka No Jobs! Lol! Anyway, the video is also an excuse to practice editing with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, which I got yesterday along with a sound card. I thought that I should spend my last dollahs on gear for windows, whereas, I had previously done my video editing with FCP X on my mac. It’s not a professional editing software but I think it will be fine for my needs. Thanks for watching!